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Hydraulic RegulatorThe Sigma 28RG2 hydraulic regulator is a two position, pressure reducing (spring/sensing piston modulating combination), flow control valve. Pressure Regulators are typically used to reduce source or instrument supply pressure from up to 6,000 PSI to a specific lower operating pressure, generally from 30-150 PSI. The reduced operating pressure provided from the Regulator outlet connection will be maintained within a predetermined operating pressure range or limit, required by the receiving control circuit or a control device.

Turning the Adjustment Knob clockwise will increase the Spring exerted tension to increase the Regulator output pressure. Rotating the Adjustment Knob counterclockwise will decrease the Regulator output pressure. Once the exact operating output pressure is achieved, the Lock Nut (2) should be tightened against the Spring Housing to maintain the appropriate output pressure setting.

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