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Hydraulic Interface ValvesWith five diverse styles to choose from, Sigma Valves offers a pressure sensor to meet exacting requirements for each installation. From standard onshore medium duty wellhead hook-up to the most extreme corrosive well media requirement; for low pressure pneumatic/hydraulic controls circuits to high pressure hydraulic single well stand alone systems, there is a Pressure Sensor to meet the need for every Hi-Lo Pilot system.

The 72KS Series is a block and bleed type that offers all stainless steel construction and multiple piston sizes from 0.25 to 3.50” to maximize reset range and minimize dead-band.

The 22US Series is also an all stainless steel pressure sensor with multiple piston sizes and incorporates multiple flow path control circuit for use with hydraulic control circuits that require high flow.

The 38 Series is a low cost pressure sensor with a stainless steel body and sensing housing which incorporates three piston sizes, 0.25/0.50/1/25” in one unit. This Pressure Sensor is ideal for single well hook-up for gas wellheads located remotely. Sigma Series 380Hi-Lo Pilot Controller Systems use these type for single actuator installations for quick economical hook-ups.

The 72HPH/72HPL High Pressure bleed type pressure sensors will vent up to 6,000 psi control pressure directly upon activation in response to high or low flowline pressure. The HPH and HPL mounted in single well actuator control systems simplify the requirements for hydraulic actuator installations. These are incorporated in the Sigma 25ACM Actuator Mounted Control Systems.

Sigma also specializes in Arctic Service High Pressure Hydraulic Pressure Sensors made especially for -65F application. The design of the 22PL and 22PH features large flow areas to handle viscous hydraulic fluids and incorporates heavy spring loads for positive movement to insure dependable operation for long periods at temperature.

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