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Actuator Control System PackageIn many regions of the world, actuators exist on wellheads set far apart from any facility or control pressure source other than the well pressure itself. Whether pneumatic actuator or hydraulic type actuator, Sigma takes its own Pressure Sensors, Manual Reset Relays, Velocity Check Valve, Relief Valves, Check Valves based on the system requirements to produce self contained control systems to either mount directly to the actuator, line mount, or stand mount. Simple hook-up and ease of operation make these units very affordable for even to most marginal of producers.

The 25ACM Series is a fully self contained hydraulic system for actuator mounting directly on the actuator. It incorporates a reservoir, hand pump, Hi-Lo Pressure Sensor unit, check valve, relief valve, manual ESD and 72HPH/72HPL Low Pressure Sensor bypass for start-up. Two connections will make this system ready for use.

The 25LPO Series Line Pressure Operated System (LPO) is a line mounted self contained system that uses wellhead or flowline pressure to operate an actuator. This system is complete with Velocity Check Valve with Manual Reset, 72HPH/72HPL High Pressure Hi-Lo Pressure sensor unit and Low Pressure Sensor bypass. The 25PLO is the most compact LPO system available.

Sigma 380 Controller Unit for pneumatic actuator installation is the least expensive unit of its kind available. This unit features options allowing manual or automatic reset, trip indicators, adjustment scales and use the Sigma 38 Series Pressure Sensor Hi-Lo unit with regulator.

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