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Hydraulic AccumulatorAccumulator is a Nitrogen Charge System – Opposed Piston, pressurized hydraulic fluid storage, control assembly. It is specifically designed to store and release pressurized hydraulic fluid within a receiving control circuit.

The Sigma 316 stainless steel, pressure relieving Fill Cap prevents pressure accumulation within a Hydraulic Reservoir (Storage Tank). It will exhaust the gas before accumulation can occur, through the spring-loaded cover assembly.

Sigma Fixed Orifices are available for use in pneumatic and hydraulic control circuits. These 316 stainless steel restriction orifices provide years of positive controlled flow of fluids or gases. Stock orifice sizes are .020 inch and .030 inch.

ESD Stations are most commonly found in loop pneumatic control circuits on many offshore platforms. They are normally installed or mounted on platform handrails in strategic locations near living quarters, boat landings, helipads, process facilities, fired vessels, rig floors, etc.

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